Illawarra Transition to School Program

Kids... are you starting big school next year?

Starting school is a very exciting time – making new friends, learning lots and getting better at doing things without help – but it can also be a little scary!

Download these fun activities to help prepare for starting school:

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There are lots of things you can do to help you feel happy about starting at your wonderful new school:

      Talk to your family, friends and preschool teachers about how you feel about going to big school. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions!

  Practice sharing and taking turns at preschool or playgroup, or when playing with your friends.

  Remember to tidy up when you are finished playing and to look after your belongings, like jumpers and backpacks.

  Get mum and dad to help you become confident doing things by yourself, like tying your shoelaces, going to the toilet and eating lunch from your lunchbox. Practice makes perfect!

      Drive or walk past the school with mum and dad as often as possible... maybe even pop in and have a look around when it is ok with the teachers.

  Get mum or dad to take you to your school's transition activities (which start in Term 3 or 4), and to your local Picnic in the Park.

  Draw a picture of yourself having fun at your new school. Why not give it to someone special like grandma or grandpa to put up on their fridge?


Go to the library with mum and dad and borrow some books about starting school to read together.


      Hey Billy Backpack!      

What do you put in your backpack? Sing along with Billy and find out!

Can't see the MP3 player above? Download 'Hey Billy Backpack!' here.

You can download and print the lyrics to Billy's song here, as well as an numbers and alphabet sheet and a Billy Backpack activity page.


What kids say about starting school

  • "I was worried I wouldn't have any friends, but I made lots"
  • "I was scared about the rules and getting into trouble, but there were people to help me"
  • "Getting the plastic off my lunch was the hardest bit"